General Information

Masterson Station Neighborhood Association (MSNA) represents the families in the Masterson Station subdivision. Masterson Station is located two miles west of New Circle Road on Leestown Road (map).  The MSNA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, and from this board officers are chosen which include a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
Are you unsure if your street is within the Masterson Station Neighborhood Association boundaries? Find out here.
Annual Dues
Association dues, which are currently $120/year, are payable to the Masterson Station Neighborhood Association.   Dues help cover maintenance of common areas, the salary for the property manager, community events, communications, and improvements.
Anyone who owns a property in the subdivision is a member of the MSNA.  The first year dues are pro-rated, and are then assessed January 1st every year following.  Invoices are typically mailed by the end of February, and dues are due within 30 days of invoice.  If you would like more information about the Association, please contact the MSNA Manager.