Speak to HOA

Interested in speaking to the HOA at an upcoming Association meeting?
Association meetings are held on the third Tuesday of March, June and September.
The purpose of these meetings is for residents to exchange information and to also raise issues or questions pertaining to the neighborhood. Because we have an agenda for each meeting and these meetings are reserved for residents to speak, we have a limited amount of time for guest speakers to address the association.
A guest speaker who requests to attend an association meeting must receive prior approval.
Guest speakers should use the contact form on the right to request to attend an association meeting. In order to determine whether an association meeting is the best venue for you to share your information, please explain: why you want to attend a meeting and include a description of what you plan to share at the meeting. If approved, you will receive an email.
All guest speakers will have five minutes to address the HOA, and five minutes to respond to questions.
Because we have a limited amount of time for guest speakers, we cannot approval all requests for guest speakers to attend association meetings.
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