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Why Our Pool Closes for 24 Hours Following Fecal Contamination Incidents
Posted on Jul 12th, 2019

A statement from Professional Pool Management in regards to Fecal Contamination.
The priority of all Professional Pool Management pools is to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our facilities at all times.  However there are times when our water becomes contaminated with fecal matter.  When this occurs we take the utmost steps to ensure everyone's safety.  When any fecal matter is discovered in the pool it is treated as if it is diarrhea and containing infection.  This results in us raising our chlorine to high enough levels to effectively kill any bacteria in our water.  This process takes a minimum of 14 hours and then we have to wait for the chlorine to return to normal levels which takes approximately 12 additional hours.  We understand that this is inconvenient and frustrating for the members at our pool but we want to ensure that our pool is safe before allowing patrons to enter the water.  
While fecal contamination is not completely preventable we need everyone's help to reduce the risks.  Some ways to reduce the risks are to make sure that any swimmers that are not potty-trained or newly potty-trained are wearing swim diapers, ensuring that swimmers of all ages take frequent bathroom breaks, and monitoring all swimmers for signs of illness.  We thank you for your understanding around this policy as we attempt to keep our facilities as safe as possible.